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Samsung - NYE Campaign

Role: Project Lead & Animation

A project I worked on during my time at Animade. We were tasked with creating a Digital Out of Home campaign featuring a colorful cast of characters celebrating New Years while using Samsung products to stay connected during the pandemic.  

Executive Creative Director: Tom Judd

Creative Director: Frida Ek

Art Director: Jim Billy Wheeler

Producers: Flo Layer, Charlotte Riley (CYLNDR), Tom Sparks (CYLNDR)

Content and Creative Director: Bianca Eglinton (BMB Agency)

Client Services: Jenna Kirby, Lily Gray (BMB Agency)

Project Lead: Yukari Schrickel

Design: Jim Billy Wheeler, Bekki Leahy

Animation: Victoria Darriba Rios, Robert Duncan, Theresa Haas, Dev Joshi, George Judd, Bekki Leahy, Julia Olsson, Eilidh Reid, Yukari Schrickel, Ricard Badia, Max Halley, Adolfo Mendes, Jose Meneses, Milo Targett, Marco Van Der Vlag

Sound Design: Tom Guest (CYLNDR)

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