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This project was a title sequence created for SCAD's annual Motion Design Conference called CoMotion which is organized by the student run club, MoMeLove. I was honored to be a part of the talented team that concepted, designed, and animated a title sequence that set the tone for the two day conference. 

The theme for this years conference was "Creative Collaboration," which set the narrative of a struggling designer who through the help of others is able to create something great. This was also reflected in the process and work dynamic of our team. I worked with my partner in crime, Becka Riccio, in helping design assets and animating the Drawings Boards. Our team was led by the hard working Creative Director Joash Berkeley, resilient Lead Animator Leah Evans, and our patient Producer Matt Van Rys.


Creative Director: Joash Berkeley
Lead Animator: Leah Evans
Producer: Matt Van Rys
Designers / Animators:
Diego Abad
Kayla Beehler
Joash Berkeley
Gretel Cummings
Chrissy Eckman
Leah Evans
Veró Gómez
Becka Riccio
Bridget Roden
Yukari Schrickel
Natalia Serrano
Joel Thomas
Amy Wallace
Sound Editors:
Ian Chase
Eric Stapleton
Mathew Conzelmann

Eric Stapleton

Re-recording Mixer:
Ian Chase
Eric Stapleton

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